Single Mentoring Session


Single Mentoring Session

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150.00 $
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Single mentoring session

A single mentoring session with our Stock Market investments Chief, Florin Purluca. You can freely choose the topic and ask any questions during the mentoring session. Based on your needs, you can buy a single session or buy directly a package of single sessions, which have no expiry date, you can use them freely whenever you want. In order to provide the best service, the topic of the session must be decided and communicated at least 2 days before the chosen day. For an easier booking, contact us on Whatsapp / Telegram or by email.

The advantages of the single lesson:

  • You get to try our services and see our knowledge yourself without having to buy the more expensive packages
  • You decide freely the topics of the session, as long as they are stock market related
  • You can use a lesson in case you have any specific questions about something you want to understand better or want to be assisted in choosing your package
  • The payment is smaller and you can use multiple sessions and build your own customised mentoring package, for example if you want to learn options trading but not the basic index investing or the stock picking strategy

Best suitable for customers that want to have full control on the topics and decide where to focus during the coaching.

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