International Wealth Consulting has been founded in 2021 with an ambitious and visionary mission: elevate people’s financial IQ and help them improve their financial situation using stock market’s instruments and create an easier and better future for them and their families.

Starting with just an Instagram account and a goal, we focused on giving the most complete and easy to understand informations about stock market and all related topics, we quickly started attracting attention from people that wanted to learn how to raise their profits and that wanted to understand our stock picking and analysis methods.

Our services are tailored for the customers, we start from the basics and we go into advanced level techniques, because we want our customers to be fully conscious and confident about their investments and money. We are one of the few companies that work with a 1 to 1 mentoring system, meaning that you will not receive some videos or be in a classroom, all your journey will be followed by one of our experts which will dedicate you all the time necessary for you to fully understand and absorb all the concepts, and become part of a community where we help each other and talk about investments and opportunities non stop.

With us, you’re sure your training is complete, our goal is to take you from where you are and bring you to the next level, no matter what your education, investments knowledge or financial situation is, we can always help you improve and achieve your targets.

“If you think financial education is expensive, just try ignorance.”

Florin Purluca
Founder and CEO

Manager of a private investment fund, Florin graduated in Management Engineering, and discovers his passion about stock market and investments in the first years of its university studies. After years of studies and research he starts investing and building its own selection process, which leads to superior performance with a very low risk. Today he’s an entrepreneur, a mentor and an Angel investor.

“High profit doesn’t imply high risk, it implies high level knowledge and research.”

Carmen Purluca
Founder and CMO

Graduated in Public Administration Sciences, she’s the mind behind International Wealth Consulting. It was her idea of creating an Instagram account on investing that builds everything up and finally leads to the creation of the Company.
Her experience in social media marketing and unique research abilities help us both as Chief Marketing Officer and in our companies selection and analysis.

“You only have one life, live it to the fullest.”

Viorel Purluca
Founder and CFO

Our real estate expert, Viorel has a rich story of entrepreneurship and real estate investments, developed in 2 countries, facing both communist and capitalist politics. His first experience in international commerce in his twenties forges him, and helps him create his unique vision on the real estate market, a sector he loves and he’ll never leave. Now he’s our Chief Financial Officer and real estate manager.

“A good deal it’s not made when you sell, it’s made when you buy.”