High Performance Stock Picking


High Performance Stock Picking

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Advanced stock picking techniques



Advanced stock picking techniques 

The package for higher level performances, focused on single stocks picking in order to boost performances, while still teaching everything an investor needs to know. The mentoring will be with Florin, our expert in value investing, stock picking and options trading.

What you get and learn:

  • 1 to 1 mentoring with Florin Purluca, he’ll teach you all the secrets of his stock picking techniques and how to raise the profits bar while keeping the risk very low
  • The latest stock analysis for free, as a bonus and for you to understand how a stock analysis should look like
  • Help in building your personal financial statement and investment plan
  • Understanding stock market risks and how to control them, and the importance of building a risk management plan
  • Compound interest and how it works
  • What is the stock market and how it works
  • Emotions and their effect on investments, and how to control them
  • Different kinds of stock market investments and their characteristics: index investing, stock picking and advanced strategies
  • Stock market positioning and controls over your investment
  • Brokerage account and orders characteristics 
  • Dividends and related informations
  • Fast and easy to use checklist for stock picking
  • Full list of websites and resources you need in your investments
  • Full immersion into value investing and fundamental analysis 
  • Understanding the company’s financials, how to find a growing business reading income statements and how to interpret the data
  • Assessing the financial solidity of the company using their balance sheet, and choosing the best companies at the best prices
  • Generally accepted accounting principles, what they are and why they affect your investing decisions
  • Annual reports, business strategies and management 
  • Macrotrends graphics introduction and how to read them
  • Help in building your first analysis, to be 100% sure everything is clear and you’re not missing any points

Best fitting for active investors, both for long and medium to short term, that want to build a long term portfolio but that could also decide to sell in a shorter time window because the gain is satisfying, while keeping a very low risk and an interesting potential profit. No minimum starting budget, you can start with few hundred dollars and build your portfolio over time.


At the end of the mentoring, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance, which will certify you have attended and completed the investments course and the dates on which you have studied.

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