Live Trades


Live Trades

249.90 $1,749.90 $

249.90 $
Original price was: 749.70 $.Current price is: 549.90 $.
Original price was: 1,499.40 $.Current price is: 949.90 $.
Original price was: 2,998.80 $.Current price is: 1,749.90 $.


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For investors who want to copy our trades, and have gains without worrying too much about analysing the companies or calculating the risks and gains themselves.

What you get:

  • You’ll receive a message as soon as we place an order, you’ll be able to copy our investments and have similar or the same gains
  • You save time because you don’t have to do any research or spend time calculating the variables of the trades
  • You decide when the live trades period will start
  • The 6 months package includes a free pause on the period, you’ll be able to pause the period once and you can restart it within 3 months
  • The 12 months package includes 2 free pauses on the period, you’ll be able to pause the period 2 times and you can restart it within 3 months


To guarantee the satisfaction of our customers, we created a refund policy for the live trades. At the end of the live trades period, if you don’t have a positive balance, we’ll refund all the money you paid for the live trading package. The positive balance only counts the trades we sent to the customer, not trades the customer does on its own.


Best suitable for customers that want to have the gains without investing their own time.

By making a purchase you accept our Terms & Conditions and our Return and refund policy.

Additional information

1 Month

1 month live trades

3 Months

3 months live trades

6 Months

6 months live trades – 1 free pause

12 Months

12 months live trades – 2 free pauses